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Welcome to Wingrove’s Website.

If you have an interest in your name have a look.Please comment and add your part of family to the site by fax or email.I am unable to take calls but if you would like me to ring you please leave your phone number or your email address

There is a question of security of your name and identity.We will not publish your date of birth on this site unless you are dead (sorry about that) We will not publish your present address or your place of birth while alive.We would  like if ok your date of birth for our non internet files for research.Please specify who is alive etc in your details.

No details of names/address for this site  will be used for marketing or promoting anything to any one.If we have your email it would be used to tell you about features on this site. If you wish to market your business we will be constructing the     wingrove.biz  site also if you would like a wingrove email address this could be considered

Sorry to make things a little complicated but it is better to minimize risks

Please Fax Your details to us on 44 (0)1494 536322

We are only able to list the Wingrove line on this site and cannot give details and relatives of the wives/husbands only their children if they are Wingrove.We would be interested in photos or copies of them ideally by e-mail.If you have any problems with loading this site it is more suitable with broadband especially the family tree. We will eventually split this up to make loading quicker. Please feel free to comment.


Thanks for the Moses Data Collected by Robert John             Wingrove                                                                                               Thanks for Additional Links to ROOTS WEB.Thanks to Michael Wingrove-Canada for his vast collection of data

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